Each distribution that is sent from Agility will be followed up with an "Email Distribution Report". These reports are found in the "Measure" tab.  To find these report, simply click into that tab: 

You will see a list of all your sent distributions. Click on the name of the distribution that you would like to see the report for. 

You will land on the "Report Overview" upon clicking into the report. This will provide you the name of the report and when it was sent out across the top. 

The overview shows two graphs. The line graph provides insight into the relationship between when a contact opens the email and any links clicked within the content over time. Hovering over the point tells you exactly how many was opened or clicked during that time. 

The pie graph provides insight into the total overview of emails sent. You can hover over the different sections of the pie chat to see exact percentages. 

The overview will also provide insight into the links clicked within your press release. It will show how many times each link was clicked. If you have links in your press release, you will see this section: 

You can gain additional insight by using the tabs along the left side of the report. Each tab is clickable and you will gain more information by clicking into a section. Each tab will provide you with specific contacts. For example, if you click into "Unique Opens", it will give you the name and contact details of who opened your distribution. 

Some of these sections will require you to scroll. Links Clicked will show you in one of the last columns what specific link was clicked. Undeliverable will tell you why the email didn't deliver to that specific contact. These tabs all serve their own purpose in providing valuable insights into how the distribution was received. 

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