In Agility, you can search for outlets, as opposed to individual contacts, through "Target."  By selecting "Outlet" from the box beside "Search for," uses will have the ability to define their search criteria on parameters related to the outlets in Agility.

Outlet based searches will provide you with a single contact entry, referred to as a "General Contact" or "Outlet Contact," for any given outlet in the results.  These contacts can be useful to supplement existing lists of contacts, or be the basis of a targeted list build with the goal of getting news to an outlet without necessarily targeting any particular contact.  After you perform a search for outlets, your results page will look similar to the one below:

These search results can also be quickly reverted to contact results, which show as if there were run as a search for people.  You can do this by simply removing the pre-applied filter for "General Contacts" found below the blue search receipt box:

As shown in the screenshot above, click the 'x' or 'Reset' button to remove the filter and allow the page results to update to show all of the contacts associated with your original outlet search results. 

This method also displays your results categorized by outlet more clearly than a standard search for people otherwise would.

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