Fret not! Here are two possible reasons and how to's so you wont miss receiving test e-mails again.

  1. Test e-mails have landed to Junk / Spam / Clutter folder. Besides checking your Inbox, it will be worthwhile to check from time to time the Junk / Spam / Clutter folder. Chances are that said e-mails were misdirected to that folder.

   2. Test e-mails blocked by your email system. Possibly, your email admin policy                may be keeping test e-mails from getting to your mailbox. Ask your email                      administrator to whitelist the IP addresses for the servers from which the Agility          emails are sent: and as well as the email address:  

    3. If any of the above does not resolve this issue, then please contact the Agility               Support via chat or e-mail at for assistance. 

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